Unique Player at Busan World Table Tennis Championships

‘Oldest and Youngest’ Unique Player Attracts Attention at Busan World Table Tennis Championships

Ages range from 13 to 60, and there are many brothers, sisters, and siblings.

With the ‘BNK Busan Bank 2024 Busan World Table Tennis Championships’, the first World Table Tennis Championships held in Korea, just one day away, there are many players with unique backgrounds among the players participating from all over the world, which will make watching the game more fun.

According to the organizing committee of the Busan World Table Tennis Championships on the 15th, men’s and women’s national teams from 40 countries will participate in this tournament, with 400 players representing each country.

Among them, the oldest participant is Nisharien, the Luxembourg women’s representative. 카지노사이트탑

The athlete, now 60 years old, is also known to domestic fans as she competed against South Korea’s Shin Yu-bin during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Even at her 60th birthday, she continues to perform as a world-class athlete.

The youngest participant is Thailand’s women’s national team member Wanwisa Aueawiriyayothin.

She was born in July 2010, which makes the athlete’s age 13 years old.

She is a whopping 47 years older than the oldest, Ni Sharien.

The performance of brother and sister players who share ‘table tennis blood’ is also expected.

French brothers Alexis (20) and Felix (17) are phenoms who raised French table tennis from the quarterfinals for over 30 years to the semifinals.

The Japanese Tomokazu (20) and Miwa (15) Harimoto siblings are attracting attention as table tennis geniuses not only in Japan but around the world.

Both have appeared on the international stage with tremendous skills since their early teens, and are currently solid starters for the Japanese men’s and women’s teams.

Iranian twin brothers Nosad (32) and Nima (32) Alamiyan are also famous players.

Although they are twins, Nosad is left-handed and Nima is right-handed.

In addition to these, there are 24 brothers and sisters in 12 pairs participating in this tournament, including Thailand’s Sutashini and Jinipa Sawetabuddo, and Egypt’s Khalid and Omar Assar.

An official from the Busan World Table Tennis Championships Organizing Committee said, “There are many elements to watch and there are many interesting stories,” and “I hope citizens will watch with interest.”

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