Actor Lee Je-hoon revives classic in ‘Chief Inspector 1958,’ bringing nostalgia with new twists

When actor Lee Je-hoon decided to play the main role in the prequel of “Chief Inspector,” MBC’s long-running detective series from the 1970s, he found himself grappling with a blend of excitement and nervous anticipation. Portraying the younger version of the legendary character Park Young-han, famously portrayed by veteran actor Choi Bool-am, Lee shared that […]

What’s next for KF-21 project after Indonesia’s funding slash?

The KF-21 fighter jet development program, a collaborative effort with Indonesia to build Korea’s first home-grown fighter jet, is facing a major setback after Jakarta proposed to significantly reduce its financial contribution, cutting it to just one-third of the initially agreed amount.This would leave the Korean government and Korea Aerospace Industries, the KF-21 developer, to cover the […]