“Thanks for the Tys painkillers…” Two straight losses in front of spring volleyball. Next up, against No. 2 Woori Card. “There is no way to lose.”

Can KEPCO play spring volleyball?

The battle against No. 1. They were 2-3 against Korean Air this season, especially after losing all three games at home in Suwon but winning two away in Incheon.

All the sets were close, but we couldn’t pull it out in the end. The first and third sets were lost on deuce, and the second set was a one-point game that went down to the wire, 토토 and they lost 0-3.

KEPCO’s spring volleyball warning lights are on. KEPCO lost the Dodram 2023-2024 V League 6th round match against Korean Air on Sunday at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon, Korea, in three sets (24-26, 22-25, 27-29). The team fought hard in every set and took the lead, only to see it slip away late in the match, unable to win the deciding set. The loss was their second straight after a 0-3 loss to Hyundai Capital on Sept. 24.

With 16 points from 16 games, KEPCO failed to add to its 44 points, leaving it unable to close the gap on third-place OK Financial Group (17 points from 14 games), which has 50 points.

“The players did their best despite the overall difficulties,” said KEPCO head coach Kwon Young-min after the game, “but when it was important, our reception was shaky and we could have capitalized. I think that was the difference in the game.”

The team was thankful that Tice, who has been dealing with a sore shoulder, was able to play despite not being fully healthy. Tice finished with a team-high 15 points on the night, but he shot just 39.39 percent from the field.

Kwon said, “Tais played on painkillers. As a coach, I’m very grateful. He was a foreign player and could have not played, but he put up with it.” “I hope his decision-making will be better than today. I think we need to take care of him and manage his physical condition well.”

It’s the second straight 0-3 loss, and it’s a shock, especially with the fight for third place so intense. Coach Kwon said, “It can’t be helped. We didn’t try to lose, we all worked hard,” Kwon said, adding, “We still have four games left. If we do, we can go up. I think we need to give the players faith that they can do it and create an atmosphere that they can do it. We have a game against Woori Card right now,” he said, adding that he would focus more on the upcoming matches than the loss.

The next match against No. 2 Woori Card (March 2) will be crucial.

“I don’t have any special preparation,” Kwon said. We’ll give them a day off,” Kwon said, adding, “We’ll have a good atmosphere. We can’t afford to lose. We have to win every single game.”

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