Couple playing tennis inside Incheon Airport terminal sparks outrage

A couple is seen playing tennis inside a terminal at Incheon International Airport. Captured from the Bobaedream online community

A video of a man and woman playing tennis inside one of Incheon International Airport’s terminals has sparked widespread criticism.

On Wednesday, an online community called Bobaedream shared a video showing a couple playing tennis in front of the entrance to one of the airport’s terminals.

In the video, the pair can be seen facing each other and hitting a ball back and forth.

As they swung their tennis rackets and hit the ball, other passengers appeared visibly inconvenienced as they tried to avoid them.

One passerby hurried past with a frown. Despite this, the couple continued to play tennis undeterred.

The video drew harsh criticism from the public. Comments included, “They’d probably play foot volleyball on the runway,” “Is this really Korea? This selfish behavior ignores public etiquette,” “Can’t they see the other people?” “What if they smash a 카지노 window?” and “There are many foreigners at the airport; what must they think?” The consensus was that the couple’s behavior was inconsiderate and disruptive.

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