Sturridge, on the verge of arrest, made an indecent act with ‘penny money’

Daniel Sturridge, who was a soccer star for England and Liverpool and scored a goal at the 2014 Brazil World Cup, received a summons warrant from the U.S. Justice Department for a mere 50 million won.

On the 13th (Korean time), Britain’s Daily Mail reported, “A summons warrant has been issued for Sturridge.

The reason for his arrest is non-payment of a $35,000 (approximately 50 million won) reward.”  바카라사이트

Sturridge lost his pet dog when his home in Los Angeles (LA) was burglarized in 2019. 

Afterwards, American rapper Foster Washington (rapper name Killa Fame) found the dog and returned it to Sturridge. However, Sturridge did not pay Washington the promised reward of 50 million won.

In 2021, Washington attempted to collect kickbacks by filing a civil suit against Sturridge. 

Sturridge did not appear on the day of the trial, received a default judgment (a ruling in favor of the plaintiff due to the defendant’s lack of response to the defense), and received an LA court order to pay the kickback.

However, Sturridge’s ‘stubbornness’ continued. ‘Daily Mail’ reported, “Considering the possibility that Sturridge went bankrupt after failing to pay the kickback, the U.S.

court summoned Sturridge last September to conduct a debtor’s examination, but he did not appear at the trial.”

He said, “Accordingly, a summons warrant will be issued to arrest Sturridge and forcibly bring him to court.” ‘

Daily Mail’ added, “The next trial date is the 30th of next month.”

Sturridge did not appear in court in December 2021 and posted an explanation on his social media. 

He said, “There was a boy who found my dog ​​and I thanked him. He was happy and I was happy to get my dog ​​back.”

He said, “Other people are using this incident for their own gain,” and claimed that Foster Washington was a liar. did.

However, Plaintiff Washington announced news that directly contradicted this.

Washington, who is known to have spent about $10,000 (about 13 million won) for the trial, said, “For me, it’s a matter of principle. The money Sturridge promised is a lot of money that could completely change my family and my life.”

He seems to think he’s above the law.

He doesn’t think it’s worth responding to these lawsuits because he’s rich.

That’s why he’s petitioning the judge to issue a warrant,” he said angrily to Sturridge.

Thomas Scully, a Washington lawyer, also said, “Some people don’t show up in court because they don’t have money, but Sturridge has money.

He can hire a lawyer and pay a good kickback.” ),” he said, criticizing Sturridge for not fulfilling his legal obligations.

Currently, Sturridge has not officially announced his retirement, but he has been working as a soccer expert for the British sports media ‘Sky Sports’ since this season. 

However, he has not appeared since the first broadcast of the 2023/24 season on ‘Sky Sports’ Sunday football broadcast ‘Super Sunday’, which took place last August. 

The Daily Mail reported, “Sturridge’s associates are also keeping quiet about this.”

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