Song Sung-moon has stepped up this season

Song Sung-moon, 28, of the KBO’s Kiwoom Heroes, has stepped up this season and is leading the team’s batting lineup.

After joining Nexen (now Kiwoom) in the fifth round (49th overall) of the 2015 Rookie Draft, Song is batting .266 with 43 home runs, 302 RBI, 248 runs scored, six doubles, and a .713 OPS in 598 games (1986-for-523) in the KBO. Kiwoom had high hopes for him and consistently gave him plenty of opportunities, but he hasn’t had a satisfying season so far.

But this season is different. After getting married in the offseason and becoming a father, Song Sung-moon prepared for his 10th professional season with extraordinary determination. He surprised everyone with a completely transformed body through weight training and diet. The results were impressive. She is having her best season yet, batting .913 with 65 hits in 60 games (198 at-bats), eight home runs, 42 RBIs, 29 runs scored, one stolen base, and an OPS of .913. 토토사이트 He recently took over the captaincy of the team from Kim Hye-sung, but rather than feeling the pressure, he’s thriving.

In an interview with Kiwoom Hong Won-ki,

“Song Sung-moon was always a good hitter. He was a very talented player in terms of hitting. Even after he was discharged from the military, he tried to improve his potential, but I think it came a little late. This year, he didn’t just change his body, but he also got married and realized something about himself, so I think he prepared so much in the winter. I think the change in my mind led to the change in my body and the change in my technique,” he said, explaining that it was the change in his mind, not his body, that drove his performance this season.

Song echoed Hong’s sentiments. “The coach told me that the hard work I put in at the beginning of the season was more of a mental change than a physical change. “Honestly, if you say you’re good at baseball because your body gets better, every player will do weight training in the winter. Rather than that, I want to get better at baseball, 안전 토토사이트 so I have a lot of discipline and I think that’s the biggest mental strength that I have.”

On his performance this season,

He said, “Baseball is not a good game. That’s why I don’t think about the past,” Song Sung-moon said, ”I worked really hard to prepare this year, and as a result, I gained a lot of confidence on the baseball field. I think all my focus is on baseball, and I think that leads to confidence. If I do well when I don’t work out, I can only think that it’s luck, and it’s a temporary phenomenon, but when I work hard and prepare well, and the results are so good, I feel more confident and doubly rewarded,” he said, adding that the sweat that he shed last winter has led to his confidence this season.

During the season, it’s harder to work out than in the offseason. “The amount of weight training is lower than in the offseason,” says Song. There are a lot of things to manage during the season, such as nagging injuries, so I definitely have to cut back,” he said, adding, ”I try to keep my physical condition as similar as possible to the off-season. I still eat some floury foods, but I think twice before I eat them, and that’s the difference. Before, I would just grab a quick bite and eat cake before a game, but now I think twice before I eat. That alone is a lot of mental preparation,” he said, emphasizing that he strives to maintain good physical condition.

In the special game of the Seoul Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers in March,

Song Sung-moon hit a two-run double off closer Evan Phillips. When Kim Ha-seong (San Diego) saw the play, he joked to Song, “You should come to the major leagues.” “It was 200 percent a joke then, but I think it’s 190 percent a joke now,” said Song, who added, “There’s really not even 0.1 percent of me thinking about the major leagues. Honestly, 메이저사이트 we haven’t even played half the season yet, so it’s more important to do better in the future than to do well now. I’m still living one day at a time,” he laughed.

Song Sung-moon, who went 0-for-3 with a walk and a strikeout against Samsung Electronics on April 9, had a seven-game hitting streak from SSG on April 1 to Samsung Electronics on April 8. From LG Electronics on April 4 to Samsung Electronics on April 8, he had 12 hits, two home runs and nine RBIs in five games. “When I played LG this time, I saw (Hong) Chang-ki-hyung and realized that I should be like him. He is the most demanding and accurate hitter in Korea right now. He hits accurately without any ups and downs, and I thought it would be really difficult for me as a defender and pitcher. I always had the desire to hit hard and long, but I was impressed by the way he was able to turn the ball into an in-play hit when he got the right pitch,” Chang said.

“You have to be born with it,” said Song Sung-moon,

“It would be great if I could learn to hit it, but I saw Chang Ki-hyung hit the ball accurately on any course, and I thought a lot about becoming a player in that direction to be competitive. When I was conscious of hitting long shots, I always had bad results, but I think it resonated with me more because I was facing the best hitters,” he said, vowing to play better in the rest of the season with accurate hitting.

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