Its Even tactician Ten Haag is going crazy

Coach Erik ten Haag has a reputation as a workaholic, but it looks like he will have a headache this time around.

The controversy over Anthony’s private life began a long time ago, but it was on the 4th (Korean time) that the situation became serious. 

Brazil’s UOL Esporte said, “Anthony is being investigated for domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Cavalin.

Witnesses have provided evidence, including photos, videos, conversations, and testimonies, that Anthony threatened Cavalin and inflicted physical violence on her.

“During the investigation, we were also able to confirm the injuries that exposed Kabalin’s bones,” the report said.

Kabalin is a famous DJ and influencer with nearly 500,000 followers on social media. Kabalin even conducted an interview with the media directly.

 She said: “Anthony locked the door and wouldn’t let me out. He cut my fingers open and hurt them. He broke my things and took my passport.”

In addition, “His mother and stepfather locked Anthony in the soccer field, but he was angry and tried to get out of the stadium in some way.

He threw a soccer ball at me and a cell phone.

He said he would kill me and that he would commit suicide.” He claimed that he committed threats.

As the investigation began and public opinion became unfavorable, Anthony also took action. 

He said on his personal SNS, “Out of respect for my fans and family, I feel an obligation to publicly say that I was the victim of false accusation.

From the beginning, I provided a fair explanation to the police authorities and treated the matter seriously and with respect.

“He refuted Kabalin’s claims, saying he was not guilty.

Anthony continued, “I cannot disclose the details of the police investigation because it is under the protection of justice,” but added, “I can confidently say that the accusations are false and that a lot of evidence shows that she is not guilty of the accusations.

I have no verbal contact with her.

He vehemently denied the assault charges, saying, “We had an argument, but there was no physical attack.”

Antony’s spokesperson also said, “We are silent because we are in the process of an investigation at a police station in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Antony will not speak about his side of the story until the verdict is handed down in court.”

Meanwhile, additional assault controversy arose.

 James Ducker, a reporter for the British Telegraph, reported on the 8th, “Anthony is facing new allegations of abuse from two women.

Racer Freitas and Ingrid Lanner have made allegations against Anthony.”

“Racer Freitas, an influencer and law student, claimed that he suffered physical injuries after being assaulted by Anthony and a woman in May last year.

Brazilian newspaper ‘Extra’ reported that Freitas needed hospital treatment on May 20 last year.

He added that he claimed to have reported the incident to the Sao Paulo police.

“Another woman, banker Ingrid Lanner, claimed in a television interview with Record journalist Roberto Cabrini that she was pressured into having sex by Antony during a business trip to England last year.

She said he invited her to his home and then He claimed he pushed her against the wall and hit her head.”

“He tried to have sex with me, but I didn’t want to. He pushed me against the wall, and I hit my head. My purpose was business.

When I got there at his invitation, I realized he had an ulterior motive,” Lanner told the outlet.

“I realized that there was a person there,” he said, revealing that he had been assaulted by Anthony.

Originally, Anthony was called up to the Brazilian national team during the international match period in September. 

As Antony suffered huge criticism even within his own country, the Brazilian national team eventually decided to exclude him.

On the 5th, the Brazilian Football Association (CBF) posted on its official website, “An investigation is needed into the facts related to Manchester United’s Anthony, and we inform you that he has been excluded to protect the Brazilian national team.

Gabriel Jesus (Arsenal) has been selected to replace him.” “It has been convened,” he announced.

As the situation became more serious due to various rumors, Antony decided not to remain silent. 

In an interview with Brazil’s Fofocalizando, he said, “I never pulled her hair. I never threatened her.

A lot of what Gabriela said is not true,” and once again emphasized that he had not committed any crime

. They also claimed that the published WhatsApp conversation content presented by the side was fabricated. 

Anthony said, “There are parts of the content that were altered by Kabalin.

When I sent a message asking for forgiveness, Kabalin deleted the message I sent.

She manipulated it, and I have all the evidence.”

He said he was a victim of evidence manipulation.

In a situation where it is not yet clear whether Anthony is guilty or innocent of the charges, Manchester United made a decision. 

On the 10th, Manchester United said on the club’s website, “The club has been made aware of the allegations against Anthony.

Players who did not participate in international matches are scheduled to return to training on the 11th. However, Anthony will be suspended until further notice to resolve the allegations.

“We have agreed to postpone our return,” the official announced.

This was a decision of the club agreed upon with Anthony.

 Anthony also blocked further controversy by issuing a statement saying, “I have agreed not to return to Manchester United while I am proving my case to clear the charges.

It was a mutual agreement to avoid disturbing my colleagues or causing unnecessary controversy for the club.”

Manchester United must play until the investigation finds that Anthony committed an offence. 

If Anthony is left out in a situation where the atmosphere at the beginning of the season is not good, Manchester United will have a serious power vacuum. 

Anthony was pointed out that he was not worth the transfer fee of 100 million euros (approximately 142.6 billion won), but in reality, he was the most active right wing forward at Manchester United.

Even if his performance was not satisfactory, Manchester United had no solution other than inserting Anthony as a starter.

First of all, the likely replacement is Jadon Sancho.

 However, Sancho is currently having problems with manager Ten Haag.

The Sancho controversy broke out during the fourth round of the Premier League (PL) between Manchester United and Arsenal, which took place on the 4th. 

Sancho was not included in Manchester United’s match call list.

 There were rumors that he suffered a sudden injury ahead of the Arsenal game, but the reality was different. 바카라사이트닷컴

After the game, Manchester United manager Ten Haag explained: “Sancho was not called up based on his performance in training.

At Manchester United, you have to reach the highest level every day, so he was not selected for this game.”

However, Sancho immediately refuted this by issuing his official statement. Sancho said on his personal SNS, “Please don’t believe everything you see.

I won’t allow people to tell me things that are not completely true. I think I trained very well this week.

I will not be included in this list.

“I believe there are other reasons why this is not the case,” he said, taking aim at coach Ten Haag’s remarks.

Regarding this, ‘ESPN’ in the US said, “Sancho is struggling to regain the support of his Manchester United teammates and manager Ten Haag.

According to one source, ‘the players are fed up with Sancho’ and there is little sympathy for Sancho within the Manchester United locker room.

“They say there is none,” he explained.

“Sancho became a peripheral figure because of his performance in training and on the pitch, his attitude at the club and the £73 million fee he received when he moved from Dortmund.

Manager Ten Haag and his coaching staff were angry at Sancho. “he added.

With Anthony unable to be called up to the team for the time being, Manchester United are trying to improve the relationship between Sancho and coach Ten Haag. 

The Telegraph reported on the 10th, “Sancho’s future at Manchester United is seriously unstable.

He plans to meet with manager Ten Haag and have a final meeting.

Manager ten Haag plans to confront Sancho, who made him angry, directly.”

Even if Sancho gets along well with coach Ten Haag, there are no great expectations, which is a bigger worry. 

Sancho has not shown any of the performance he had during his Dortmund days since moving to Manchester United. 

As Sancho performed poorly on the left and right sides, where he played during his time at Dortmund, coach ten Haag also tried using Sancho as a false number 9, but it had little effect.

If Sancho cannot repair his relationship with manager Ten Haag, the only person who can replace Anthony is Facundo Pellistri, who has made just 12 appearances for Manchester United. 

Pellistri, a prospect born in 2001, was recruited ahead of the 2020-21 season, but has not yet had a significant presence in the first team. 

It is doubtful whether he will be a proper replacement for Antony.

It would have been nice to have Mason Greenwood at a time like this, but Manchester United decided to let Greenwood out due to concerns about serious backlash from public opinion. Greenwood went on loan to Getafe at the end of the transfer window.

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