Parents of professional baseball Doosan Bears 2024 rookie players visited their ‘son’s workplace. ’Doosan said on the 22nd, “We invited the parents of new players to the club’s training ground, Icheon Bears Park, on the 20th.”The club prepared uniforms with family names engraved on them, and the new players delivered the uniforms to their families .The family looked around Icheon Bears Park and prayed for the players’ growth. Doosan Bears President Ko Young-seop attached the group badge to the team’s customized suits provided by the club.

Infielder Yeo Dong-gun, who was drafted in the second round, said, “I’ve been to my parents’ workplace many times, but this is the first time my parents have come to the place I work, so I’m impressed. This is the first time I’ve shown them in a suit. I feel a greater sense of responsibility .”Woo Kyung-ah, Yeo Dong-geon’s mother, said, “The facilities are really good. The meals were also really great,” and hoped, “I hope that all the children starting their 카지노사이트 social life do well without getting hurt.”

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