Lee Kwan-hee’s last shot wasn’t enough

LG lost 89-91 against Jeonju KCC in Group B of the 2023 MG Saemaeul Geumgo KBL Cup held at Wolmyeong Gymnasium in Gunsan on the 13th.

At one point in the game, KCC dominated the atmosphere, leading to a 21-point lead. However, LG’s chase was fierce. They diligently trailed by 33-16 in the fourth quarter. It was so intense that the gap was narrowed to two points at the end of the fourth quarter.

It was thanks to Lee Kwan-hee’s performance. Lee Kwan-hee, who played 15 minutes until the third quarter, scored no points. He threw 8 field goals and missed them all. But the fourth quarter was different. In 10 minutes, he scored 21 points, 2 rebounds, 1 steal, and 3P 5/5. He also attempted 7 free throws and made 6 of them.

But he did not become the last hero. With the score behind 86-89, Lee Kwan-hee threw a mid-range shot, but it was not completed, and he missed a layup afterwards, leaving a mark of disappointment.

After the game, coach Cho Sang-hyun said, “It is encouraging that the players played until the end. They had a good atmosphere in the beginning, but were unable to maintain that atmosphere. As the atmosphere passed, we played a difficult game in the first half. If you don’t get a shot, you have to defend, but if you don’t get a shot, you have to play defense.” “So even the defense collapsed. We gave up 54 points in the first half,” he said.

Regarding Lee Kwan-hee’s great performance in the 4th quarter, “I am also a former shooter. A shot can always happen. Depending on the mood, I can go in at any time. We should have paid more attention to the fast basketball and defense followed by counterattacks that we pursue, but that part remains regrettable. “He added.

LG is receiving high praise this season. LG, which ranked second in the regular league last season, even recruited Yang Hong-seok. Their power was further strengthened as they selected Yugi-sang as the 3rd pick in the rookie draft. It may be difficult to form a 12-member roster.

Coach Cho Sang-hyun emphasized, “We will use players differently depending on the opposing team. We will change the roster depending on the situation. However, if the defense is not good, the playing time cannot be long. All players on the roster must play defense.” did.


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