Lee Hyun-joong signs a Summer League contract with Portland

Lee Hyun-joong’s agency, A2G, confirmed on the 3rd that “Lee Hyun-joong signed an NBA Summer League contract with the Portland Trail Blazers. He will play as a Portland player from the first game that opens in Las Vegas on the 14th.”

Lee Hyun-joong, who only finished his junior year at Davison University, was not selected in the 2022 NBA Draft due to a foot injury. After undergoing rehabilitation, he played for Philadelphia in the 2023 NBA Summer League.

After playing for the Santa Cruz Warriors of the G-League, Lee signed a three-year contract with the NBL Illawarra Hawks. After playing for the Osaka Evesa in the B-League, Lee built himself up in Korea and handed him to the U.S. as soon as he finished the Australian League.

An A2G source said, “Lee will play at least four games or at most six games in the U.S. We had a workout with two NBA teams, and Portland took Lee’s good view and successfully signed a contract for the Summer League. 토토사이트 Lee himself plans to work hard and try again in the NBA. Even if he fails to sign an official contract, he will return to the Australian League where he signed a three-year contract.”

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