Kim Woo-min’s Olympic dream: “I will sing the national anthem in Paris at the top of my lungs”

Kim Woo-min, the gold medalist in the men’s 400-meter freestyle at this year’s World Aquatics Championships in Doha, is one of the favorites to win South Korea’s first Olympic medal in swimming in 12 years.

“I’m excited and nervous as the Olympics approach,” Kim told reporters after the final selection ceremony for the Korean team for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics at the Olympic Hall in Songpa-gu Olympic Park in Seoul on Monday. I’ve been preparing so well that I can’t wait to show what I’ve been working on, and I’m looking forward to the games.”

Kim is aiming for medals in two events, the men’s 400-meter freestyle and the 800-meter freestyle relay.

He and his longtime roommate Hwang Sun-woo are hoping to repeat their gold medal success at the Doha World Championships.

“I think I’ll share a room with him again this time,” said Kim Woo-min, who made waves by taking a ‘gold medal selfie’ in his room after winning gold together. If we win a medal together at the Olympics, we will live together,” he said.

Kim Woo-min, who sang the national anthem at the final ceremony, vowed to sing it again in Paris.

“I beat them at the World Championships,” he said of the 400-meter freestyle competitors, who have been posting good times and preparing for Paris. If I keep those memories alive, I think (I) will have a good time,” he said confidently.
Hwang Sun-woo, who leads South Korean swimming alongside Kim Woo-min, said: “I’m happy that we can gather here and have this ceremony. Now that I’ve been preparing for the Paris Olympics, I want to finish well,” he said.

Hwang is aiming for medals in her main events, the 200-meter freestyle and 800-meter freestyle relay.

“If I was a little disappointed in Tokyo, I’m aiming for a more perfect race in Paris than in Tokyo,” said Hwang, who missed out on a medal at his first Olympics after failing to distribute his pace. I will come back with no regrets,” he said.

Sports climbing standout Seo Chae-hyun is aiming to give the Korean team its first medal in Paris.

At the time of the Tokyo Olympics, the combine event was ranked by combining the three disciplines of bouldering, lead, and speed.

Seo’s weakness in speed has been erased since the Paris Games, when only bouldering and lead were combined and speed was separated.

“I need to get good results in lead, which is my main event, so I need to work hard on lead and make up for my shortcomings in bouldering,” Seo said.

“Of course, I have an advantage because speed is separated, but it’s the same condition that all athletes are vulnerable to. I need to work harder,” she said.

“I want to climb with no regrets,” said Seo Chae-hyun, “I didn’t medal in Tokyo, so I hope to win a medal this time.

South Korea’s women’s archery ace Lim Im-hyun renewed her determination for the Paris Games in a short suit.

“Wearing a short suit makes me feel like I’m definitely going to Paris,” she said. I have prepared hard, so I will bring good results,” she said.

The Korean archery team completed acclimatization training in various environments, including creating the same environment as the Paris Olympic archery venue at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village and playing archery special matches in a professional soccer stadium.

“The special match really helped us a lot,” said Lim. I felt nervous while competing in the same environment as in Paris, and I knew a lot about how to deal with it, so I’m looking forward to the Olympics even more.”

In contrast, Park Hye-jung, a medal favorite in women’s weightlifting, said she hopes the Olympic moment will come more slowly.

“At first, I wanted to compete quickly, but now that I feel it coming, I want the time to pass as slowly as possible,” she said.

Park even gave her exact target weight for a medal in Paris.

“My record is 130 kilograms (in the lift) and 172 kilograms (in the dragon). I want to lift one kilogram more,” she said, adding, “If I lift one kilogram more, the Korean record and Olympic medal will be confirmed. So that’s my goal,” he said. 온라인카지노사이트

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