Korean origin researcher Cho Sang-yeon becomes a professional knight, ranked first in the country

Cho Sang-yeon (15), the top-ranked research student at Hankook Genesis, has become a professional knight through the Naesin Entry Competition.

On March 6, KOGI announced that Cho had won first place in the six research student go tournaments held over a six-month period starting in March, with a cumulative score of 693 points, and was confirmed as a professional knight.

The maximum score difference between first and 10th place in the induction competition is 14 points.

With a cumulative score of 644 points, Cho has a 49-point lead over second-place finisher Yoon Seo-won (15) and will be inducted early regardless of the outcome of the remaining 7th and 8th tournaments.

Cho, who started playing Go in the first grade of elementary school, moved to a professional dojo a year later to prepare for her induction.

In 2019, she won the noodle section of the Hanwha Life Ship Children’s Noodle Competition and later won national tournaments such as the Presidential Ship, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ship, and the Cho Nam Chul Ship.

“It still doesn’t feel real that I joined the team,” Cho said, “I’m still studying at the dojo from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. like before.”

“I would like to thank my parents for always supporting me and Sensei Ryu Dong Wan for catching me whenever I faltered,” he said, “and I hope to become a knight like Shin Shin Seo 9th Dan and win the world championship.”

With the admission of Cho Sang-yeon, the total number of professional knights affiliated with the organization has increased to 421 (340 men and 81 women). 파워볼

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