Its the Asian Games, A Medal Hopeful Jeong Han-jae

Its the Asian Games, Medal Hopeful Jeong Han-jae

Jeong Han-jae, who cried over bad luck ahead of a big tournament, washes tears in Hangzhou and stands tall with the help of his former athlete wife…

Aiming for the gold medal by lifting and kicking

There is hope for Korean wrestling, which is going through a slump.

Jeong Han-jae

This is the story of Jeong Han-jae (27, Suwon City Hall), a male Greco-Roman 60kg class signboard. 먹튀검증가이드

Jeong Han-jae is regarded as the next-generation ace of Korean wrestling following Kim Hyun-woo and Ryu Han-soo (above Samsung Life Insurance).

He is regarded as the most internationally competitive player within the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games national team.

Jeong Han-jae learned wrestling while in middle school.

Judo Player

At the time, he was a judo player, but when he did not gain weight due to a problem with his constitution, he switched to the recommendation of his surroundings.

He chose wrestling because he could be competitive even with a small body when his chances of success as a judo player seemed low.

Jeong Han-jae quickly began to stand out.

Jeong Han-jae, who has extraordinary elasticity and explosive power, has grown into a leading Korean wrestling lightweight player.

It wasn’t long before he wore the Taegeuk mark.

This is because Kim Seung-hak (Sungshin Yanghoe), who reigned as the strongest in the same weight class for a long time, was pushed out every time.

Jeong Han-jae, who could not cross the wall, finally defeated Kim Seung-hak in the final of the national team selection event held in 2020 and announced a generational change.

Jeong Han-jae, who developed his skills, met the worst bad news at the time of leaping high.


He was considered a medal candidate for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but his dream of participating in the Olympics was not fulfilled due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) that hit the world.

Jeong Han-jae was diagnosed with Corona 19 right before the World Quarter Games, where the right to participate in the Olympics, and was unable to train, and went to the tournament in the worst condition.

At that time, Jeong Han-jae advanced to the semi-finals with all his strength, but could not stand on the final stage because he could not cross the final threshold.

The regret was even greater because there were two tickets to the Olympics for each weight class in the event.

The bad luck continued.

Asian Games

Jeong Han-jae seemed to be challenging to win the first Asian Games medal in his life by winning the Asian Games national team selection event held last year.

However, as the tournament was postponed for a year in the aftermath of Corona 19, the results of the selection were canceled.

Jeong Han-jae suffered severe pain from the repeated bad news, but he did not completely sit down.

He trains with his wife, gnashing his teeth again.

His Wife is Former Wrestler

Jung Han-jae’s wife is former wrestler Oh Hye-min, and the two, high school alumni,

got married in July of last year.

Oh Hye-min lifted up the heartbroken Jeong Han-jae.

He volunteered as a personal trainer and trained together to overcome the difficult times.

Jeong Han-jae recently said, “His wife has been of great help in her daily life,

not only in exercise but also in managing her weight.”

Jeong Han-jae, who overcame the crisis with his wife’s support, began to see results.

Asian Championships

He was the only Korean male athlete to win a medal

at the Asian Championships held in Kazakhstan in April.

At that time, Jeong Han-jae advanced to the finals by beating China’s Li Guoqiao,

who was ranked 4th in the world rankings, in the quarterfinals.

Zolaman Sharsenbekov

The gold medal was given to Zolaman Sharsenbekov (Kyrgyzstan),

who was running at the top of the world rankings at the time,

but he gave hope to Korean wrestling by defeating the world’s best players one after another.

He also won the re-election of the national team at the Hangzhou Asian Games held in May.

He defeated Kim Seung-hak, whom he met in the final, 3-0 and won the right to participate.

First Major International Competition

Now, Jeong Han-jae will compete in his first major international competition and try to win his first medal.

People around them pick Jeong Han-jae as a candidate for the championship.

Park Moo-hwa, coach of his team, Suwon City Hall, predicted,

“Jung Han-jae is very good at picking up opponents and hitting them.”

Jeong Han-jae’s specialty, also known as the ‘pick-up’ technique, did not come out overnight.

He developed his own technique, building strength,

flexibility and stamina through his weightlifting training.

Jeong Han-jae set the goal of this tournament to win.

He said, “I want to win the Hangzhou Asian Games and hang a gold medal around my wife’s neck.”

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