Its The 24th Major Dedicated to Number 24

The main court of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York, USA, where the US Open men’s singles finals ended on the 11th

Arthur Ashe Stadium has the number ’24 ‘Special issues related to this poured out. Margaret Court (Australia)’s record of winning singles in a major tournament

which seemed like no one could come close, and even the story of Kobe Bryant, who sadly passed away three years ago.

The main character who created all of this was ‘the best tennis player of all time’ Novak Djokovic (No. 1, Serbia).

On this day, Djokovic defeated Daniil Medvedev (3rd place, Russia) 3-0 (6-3 7-6<7-5> 6-3) in 3 hours and 16 minutes to reach the top. 

This win was Djokovic’s 24th major championship in his career. With this, Djokovic matched his record for most singles wins in a major tournament. 

Djokovic’s achievements shine even brighter considering that more than half of the court’s record of wins, 13, were achieved before 1968

when professional players were allowed to participate in major tournaments.

After winning, Djokovic attracted even more attention by wearing a top (pictured) with the number 24 and ‘Mamba Forever’ engraved on it.

Mamba was the nickname of Bryant, the franchise star of the NBA’s LA Lakers, who died in a helicopter accident in 2020. 고스톱사이트

The number 24 was Bryant’s uniform number during his playing days.

Djokovic and Bryant were close friends while he was alive. After winning the 2020 Australian Open, to commemorate Bryant

he went up to the podium wearing a T-shirt with his initials and ‘KB 8, 24’, his uniform number during his playing days. 

After winning that day, Djokovic said, “I was close to Kobe.

He gave me a lot of advice when I was having a hard time due to injury, and he was one of the people I relied on the most

he said.

In the 2000s, it was Federer and Nadal who divided the world of men’s tennis. However, as Djokovic’s performance improved in the 2010s

the era of the so-called ‘Big 3’ began.

The reason why many tennis fans consider Djokovic to be the best player of all time is because he dominated the era when some of the greatest players in tennis history appeared, and eventually won the most major championships.

Looking at the period of time he has been ranked No. 1 in the world, Federer has 310 weeks, Nadal has 209 weeks, while Djokovic has had a whopping 390 weeks.

This ranks first among men and women combined, ahead of Graf’s 377 weeks.

Federer, born in 1981, retired, and Nadal, born in 1986, also announced his retirement next year, with his ranking falling out of the top 100.

Now that Djokovic has entered his mid-30s, it is time to realize his age.

Nevertheless, he shows off his more mature skills and does not fall behind in competition with his juniors who are more than ten years older than him.

Djokovic has won 12 major championships, half of them, in his 30s or later.

The words of Medvedev, who finished runner-up that day, give us a good idea of ​​Djokovic’s current status.

Medvedev joked, “What are you doing here (rather than retiring)?” and then added, “My career isn’t bad either.

Won 20 tour competitions. However, Djokovic won 24 major tournaments alone.

It’s really amazing,” he praised.

Djokovic responded to Medvedev’s praise by saying, “Making history like this is always surprising and special.

He continued, “When I was 7 or 8 years old, I had a dream of becoming the best player in the world and winning Wimbledon one day.

I never imagined I would win 24 major tournaments like this,” he said, unable to hide his joy.

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