Its Gangwon FC Women’s Soccer Team ‘Orange FC’

Gangwon FC women’s soccer team ‘Orange FC’ will participate in the Queen Cup with a ceremony.

Gangwon announced on the 11th that they held an Orange FC launch ceremony at the Youth Academy Center in Chuncheon on the 9th. 

Attending the launch ceremony on this day were Gangwon CEO Kim Byeong-ji and youth academy general manager Choi Gyeong-jin, a former futsal national team member.  먹튀검증사이트

CEO Kim and Coach Choi provided special guidance to the players and also played games. 

After training, the players were given snacks and talked about soccer.

Regarding Orange FC, Gangwon said, “We selected 12 players, from the youngest born in 1999 to the oldest born in 1976, through a trial in July of this year,” and added, “Continuing from last year, they participated in the K-League women’s soccer tournament Queen Cup (K-WIN CUP) for the second consecutive year.

“I will participate,” he explained. In addition to regular training sessions, coach Cha Yeon-hee and coach Yu Han-byeol are guiding the players.

CEO Kim said, “I am very proud to be able to contribute to the expansion of the women’s soccer base in Gangwon.”

He added, “After coming and seeing it in person, the level of players was much higher than I expected.”

 He said, “I heard that this year’s competition has more participating teams and the level has improved compared to the last competition,” and encouraged, “If you place 4th place or higher like in the last competition, I will support a special dinner.”

Orange FC’s eldest sister Lee Go-un said, “I wasn’t interested in soccer before, but I’m learning about soccer through Orange FC.

Soccer has become a driving force in my life and gives me a lot of strength in my daily life.”

He said, “I was worried about whether I would be able to do well because I was older, but the manager and coach taught me in an easy way, so I am training happily.”

He expressed his determination, “Winning is good, but if we show our unity in the competition, good results will follow.” .

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