Its a Captured Heungkuk Our Skills Showed off Today.

 GS Caltex Captain Kang So-hwi (26), who was at the forefront of stopping the winning streak of Heungkuk Life Insurance

the leader in women’s professional volleyball, smiled brightly. 

He said, “Unlike the last two matches, our skills came out well this time.”

GS Caltex won with a set score of 3-1 (25-20 16-25 27-25 25-19) 지울프-토토

in the third round away game against Heungkuk Life Insurance in the Dodram 2023-24 V League Women’s Division held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 9th.

Kang So-hwi scored 19 points on this day and took charge of the team’s attack along with Giselle Silva (27 points).

After the game, Kang So-hwi said, “After losing last time

I said that I really wanted to catch Heungkuk Life Insurance

and it’s amazing that it came true as I said.

He added, “We have to take care of the points in the remaining games to maintain the top ranking.”

GS Caltex, which suffered a rather helpless 0-3 defeat in the first and second rounds

was able to stop Heungkuk Life Insurance’s nine-game winning streak and end their own losing streak on this day.

He said, “Until the second round, our performance was not good and we had a strong side that collapsed on our own

and “Today, we went into the game thinking we had nothing to lose, so our skills came out well.”

He continued, “The players talked about trying to do well on defense, and it went well as promised in the game.

He added, “Because the opponents (Kim) Yeon-kyung and Jelena (Mrazenovic) are high

today we raised the attack a lot on the other side of Silva as well.” “It seems to have become more diverse,” he added.

In defense, libero Han Su-jin’s performance stood out. Kang So-hwi also praised

(Han) Su-jin came in from the beginning of the first set, and showed a tenacious defense that chased after her,” adding

“At the same time, it created an overall atmosphere of not letting go. It was a really good game today by Su-jin.”

Kang So-hwi said he would not be satisfied with taking the lead. 

The next game, an away game at Pepper Savings Bank, will be against the lowest ranked team

but they are determined to avenge their loss in the second round.

He emphasized, “It’s important to beat the leading team

but I remember losing to Pepper Savings Bank in the second round. I really want to win in Gwangju.”

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