Can the Hanwha Eagles erase their black history?

Can the Hanwha Eagles erase their black history with foreign batsmen? The Hanwha Eagles have a new foreign bat, Peraza, and he’s hitting hard this season.

This year, Hanwha signed a new foreign bat, Jonathan Peraza, for a total of $1 million ($200,000 signing bonus, $600,000 salary, $200,000 option). This is the maximum salary for a foreign player.

Peraza is a short 175-centimeter hitter with a solid 88-kilogram frame. He”s a middle-to-long hitter with a strong frame that allows him to hit the ball far.

He has adapted quickly to his new league. 스포츠토토 He has already bonded with his teammates by joking around with them. He has a great sense of excitement, so as long as his baseball performance is good, he should have no problem adjusting to the Korean League.

Hanwha struggled with foreign hitters last year.

Early in the season, Brian O’Grady was sent down after a disastrous 22-game season in which he batted 1-for-22. Nick Williams, who was brought in as a replacement, also struggled. He was not re-signed after batting 2-for-4 in 68 games.

Ahead of this season, Hanwha signed Peraza, a Venezuelan born in 1998. Despite his small stature at 5-foot-10, he is a powerful hitter who hit 23 home runs in Triple-A in 2023.

He has a solid build and a fast bat speed that allows him to hit the ball hard.

He is also young at 25 years old. He can continue to grow at Hanwha. He has a good personality and has gotten along well with the Hanwha players. He asks a lot of questions to the coaches and is eager to learn.

Hanwha is looking for a strong No. 2 hitter. Peraza also played at No. 2 in the Okinawa tournament. She hit long balls with a strong bat and showed good defense in the outfield.

Hanwha is looking to complete a batting order that starts with Jung Eun-won at No. 1, followed by Peraza at No. 2, Noh Si-hwan at No. 3, Chae Eun-sung at No. 4, and Ahn Chi-hong at No. 5.

If the foreign-born Peraza can hit, Hanwha will have the perfect batting order.

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