After Alabama college student Nick Dunlap won the PGA Tour American Express as an amateur, anecdotes from his childhood are coming out .On the 22nd (Korean time), the PGA Tour shared Dunlap’s special childhood on its website using the words of the head professional and members of the golf club he attended .John Gibbons, the head pro at Greystone Golf Club, where Dunlap attended, said, “When Dunlap was a young boy, he won against all of the club members, and we heard complaints that Dunlap should be barred from competition.” “When Dunlap was 12, he shot a 59 to win by 13 strokes in a local tournament, and he also won money against PGA Tour pros,” Gibbons recalled.

Dunlap is also said to have worked out at the gym as a caddy on the Korn Ferry Tour (the second part of the PGA Tour) in hot weather exceeding 37 degrees, walking 14 km and running a long distance .“Dunlap started riding his bike every day when he was about 10 years old and didn’t think about going back until the golf course closed,” said Brett McCabe, a sports psychologist and member of Greystone Golf Club. University of Alabama coach Jay Sewell described Dunlap as a student with a variety of talents in sports .Dunlap said he was also talented at baseball and football .Coach Sewell said, “If Dunlap’s family were in Minnesota, that kid would have 슬롯게이밍 practiced every day on a frozen pond and become an ice hockey player.”

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