‘Changing position’ SK Hyungbin Kim “for the future”

SK’s Kim Hyung-bin is preparing to play the No. 3 position.

Seoul SK finished the 2023-2024 season in fourth place and qualified for the playoffs, despite having to juggle the regular season with the EASL. However, they ended the season in disappointment, losing to Busan KCC in the quarterfinals in three games.

After a two-month break, SK resumed training on the 10th, entering the third week of an eight-week program that focuses on fitness. Divided into a main training group and a rehabilitation group, Kim Hyung-bin, 토토사이트 추천 who is entering his fifth season, is sweating profusely.

“During my vacation, I treated my knees, toes, and other parts that needed rehabilitation. Now I’ve finished rehabilitation and am training with the team. (The eight-week program) is tough, but I’ve been doing it every year, so I’m a little better than before,” he said.

In 23 regular-season games last season, Kim averaged 3.7 points and 1.5 rebounds in 8:19 minutes. He also shot 37.0 percent (10-of-27) from three-point range, despite attempting fewer shots. Kim, who has primarily played the 4, is preparing to play the 3 next season.

“Last season, I got a lot of opportunities when (Choi) went out. I also felt the direction I should go while playing. The coach also told me, ‘Your value will increase if you play the No. 3 defense. I’ve been playing No. 4 all my life, so my offense is fine (as a No. 3), but I struggle in defense. Fortunately, I had experience playing 3 in the EASL. So I’m trying to lose another 3-4 kilograms by July to make my body lighter,” he said.

His experience in the D-League (26.6 points, 9.7 rebounds, and 2.7 assists, including 1.6 three-pointers, in 36.33 minutes per game over 10 games) helped him a lot. “In the regular league, I was often on the bench, but in the D-League, I was able to gain skills and confidence by being a mainstay,” Kim explained.

“Warney has a lot of pop outs. He has a lot of the ball, and (Kim) Sun-hyung needs space to play two-on-two with him. So far, (Choi) has been studying a lot by watching his movements, but I think it’s better for him to screen and stay at 45 degrees than for me to do that. Warney also told me that if I’m in the corner, he can always take me out, so I’m practicing a lot,” he said, adding that he understands and studies the position.

“It used to be a burden, but now (it’s) a motivation,” he said of the talk that SK‘s performance could change depending on Kim Hyung-bin’s performance. I think it will be fun. I have a lot of good brothers, even if it’s not me, so I’m still trying to support them. With the team getting younger, we’re trying to bring the energy level up more.”

He added, “I used to go into the game thinking, ‘I can’t be wrong, I have to move like this,’ so I would slow down a tempo and stumble, but from last season, I started to let my body take over without thinking,” he said, adding that he has grown as a player.

Finally, Kim Hyung-bin said, “For the future, I need to change to the No. 3 position. I’m going to use the 2024-2025 season as a time to gain strength to go to No. 3. All of the team members are gritting their teeth and preparing, so we will thoroughly prepare for our goal of a top-four finish or better. Personally, I want to shoot more than 180 three-pointers and have a 40% success rate. Only then will I be able to win the prize,” he concluded with a smile.

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