‘Worst slump’ in men’s and women’s volleyball,

The Korea Volleyball Association said on the 8th, “We are sorry for the national team’s poor performance in recent international competitions such as the Asian Games. We would like to apologize to the citizens and volleyball fans who supported us.”

In this Asian Games, men’s and women’s volleyball received the worst results. The men’s national team finished in 7th place after struggling, including losing to India and Pakistan, and the women’s volleyball team also finished 5th after losing to Vietnam.

As the series of recent slumps continued, not only in the Asian Games, criticism grew, and eventually the Volleyball Association decided to replace the head coach of the men’s and women’s national teams.

The association explained, “Men’s national team coach Lim Do-heon’s term ended after the Asian Games,” and “Women’s national team coach Cesar’s term remains, but as participation in the 2024 Paris Olympics has become virtually difficult, we mutually agreed to terminate his contract.”

In addition, the chairman of the men’s and women’s performance improvement committee of the Volleyball Association also took responsibility for the poor performance and expressed his resignation.

In volleyball, both the men’s and women’s national teams are virtually canceled from participating in the Olympics to be held next year. Accordingly, the association plans to draw a mid- to long-term blueprint with the goal of participating in the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics and the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.

The association promised, “We will establish and implement a mid- to long-term development plan so that Korean volleyball can go through growing pains and be reborn through thorough reform starting with the Korea Volleyball Association.”

A public hearing will be held sometime next month, with outsiders including the media, volleyball experts, sports experts, and volleyball fans.

The association said, “We will humbly accept and reflect on the criticism and reprimands from all walks of life in order to improve the national team’s performance, and will also set a direction for the association to move forward.” 토토랭크

In addition, he emphasized, “We will work hard to select the optimal leader to improve the national team’s performance and will not spare any support to help the players show their best performance.”

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