“We can’t stay together” as 50% turn their backs on Ten Hagh

Manchester United manager Eric den Haag is facing an untenable situation. “Some players have become disillusioned with Van Gaal’s methods and his handling of Jadon Sancho, and he has lost internal support,” Sky Sports reported on Friday.

According to United’s internal sources, 50% of the entire squad, half of the players, have turned their backs on Van Gaal. The flashpoint was Jadon Sancho.

Sancho was dropped from the squad after United’s 3-1 loss to Arsenal on September 4. When Van Gaal brought up Sancho’s qualities, Sancho exploded, calling him a “scapegoat”. What came back was discipline. Sancho is banned from all first-team facilities.

Ten Haag demands a public apology from Sancho in front of the first team. Sancho has no intention of apologizing.

Sancho joined United from German Bundesliga side Dortmund in July 2021. 카지노사이트넷 The transfer cost a whopping £73 million ($118.5 billion). But it was a ‘wrong match’.

Sancho is hoping to make a change in the January winter transfer window. However, there is also talk that Van Gaal could leave United first.

United lost 0-1 to Newcastle United on March 3.

It was their 10th loss of the season. There was a moment of significance.

Van Gaal clashed with Anthony Martial. With the pressure loosening up at the front, he left the technical area and opened his arms to reprimand Marcial.

But Marcial wasn’t having any of it, and he opened his arms in a show of open frustration.

Marcus Rashford, United’s leading scorer last season, was nowhere to be seen. Rafael Varane also has a tense relationship with Van Gaal.

“Quite a few players are unhappy with the style of play, they’re working too hard, they’re running too much in training,” said Sky Sports’ Kabe Solhekol. They are told that they don’t know what they are running for,” he said, adding, “I also heard that some of the players think Van Gaal is too set in his ways, too mechanical.”

Van Gaal is in his second season at United. But if the current mood is anything to go by, there is no future.

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