“Watching soccer players and growing dreams” Jeonnam completes soccer clinic with Gwangyang Police Department

The Jeonnam Dragons, together with the Gwangyang Police Department, held a soccer clinic for the future generations of youth in the area. After conducting a soccer program for the youth, the clinic invited them to a home game against Suwon in the 19th round to provide them with opportunities for sports and cultural activities.

Defender Lee Kyu-hyuk, who participated as a one-day coach, said, “When I was young, I went to the soccer field and watched soccer players and had dreams and hopes.” “I am very happy to meet local youth and donate my talent through the soccer clinic. I will continue to meet with citizens through various social 카지노사이트 contribution activities.”

An official from the Gwangyang Police Department said, “We are pleased to be able to positively influence the future generations of youth in the region through cooperation with Jeonnam, and we will continue to spare no effort to help them grow up healthy.”

The Jeonnam Dragons’ soccer clinic with the Gwangyang Police Department is strengthening ties with the local community and providing new experiences for the youth. The Jeonnam Dragons will continue to establish itself as a soccer organization that grows with the local community through various social contribution activities.

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