‘Talent’ saved the day for Jeong’s chief of staff in crisis

She didn’t know she was starting until an hour before the game, but she helped lead the team to victory. Jung Kwan-jang outside hitter Kim Se-in (21) had a surprise performance in the second leg of the playoffs (PO).

“I’m going to put Kim Sae-in in the starting lineup,” said head coach Ko Hee-jin before the best-of-three PO (best-of-three) second leg at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on April 24. He meant to put her in the outside hitter position instead of Park Hye-min, who started the first match. Kim had only started once this season. It was in the sixth round against Pepper Savings Bank (13 points), which was played after the team had already decided to go directly to the POs in third place.

“It feels very good to win against Heungkuk,” Kim said after the match. “I was nervous at the beginning, and I was thinking about how to hold on to the serve when it came to me,” he admitted.

Kim scored nine assists (33.3 percent offensive success rate) and had the third-highest receiving efficiency (64.7 percent) behind Giovanna Milana (registered name Gia – 30 points) and Megawatti Puttiwi (registered name Mega – 25 points). Coach Ko Hee-jin said, “

“The opponent was definitely thinking that Hye-min was coming out, so I prepared for blocking and defense. I thought it would be a mess when I changed the cards. It was a game that really showed why we traded Se-in. I’m so thankful for him.”

In fact, Kim didn’t realize she was starting until right before the game. During practice the day before the second game, she and Park Hye-min took turns playing on the A court, where the starters play, and during the morning practice on the day of the match, she went first. “The players knew she was going to start,” said Han Song-i, who was interviewed alongside her, but Kim Se-in said, “I didn’t expect it. I was prepared, but I thought Hye-min would go in first because she’s good at receiving.” “I was dumbfounded and nervous, but at the same time, I thought I had to do well,” Kim said.

Kim was the fifth overall pick in the first round of the 2021-22 draft for Pepper Savings Bank. Despite her small stature (1.73 meters), she was a top pick and played primarily as a libero specializing in digs. A year later, Kim donned a Roadworks uniform. She was the compensation for free agent setter Lee Ig-eun. However, the roadworks had plenty of resources with excellent reception. Although she played well in the Cup, she was a substitute in all 31 matches. He won his first professional title, but it was a bit of a disappointment.

It was Kim’s second move in less than a year. He moved to Jeonggwanjang along with Ahn Yerim in a two-for-two trade. She didn’t have many opportunities at the beginning of the season. He only appeared in nine games until the third round, and didn’t step on the court at all in the fourth round. However, she returned to her role as a one-point server at the end of the season to secure the back three spots. In Game 6 against Pepper Savings Bank, she made her 메이저사이트 first and last start of the season, scoring 13 points in a game that was decided early. His performance in that game would eventually carry over into the postseason.

“He’s more talented than people think,” Hansong said. I call him ‘talented’ because he has a lot of skills. I think he’ll do better. It’s great that he played well in a game like today. I don’t get nervous in the playoffs.”

Heungkuk Life will no doubt be ready for Kim in Game 3. “I’m going to take a day off, and when I practice, I’m going to try to be more receptive and be able to withstand hard hits. I also want to be more technical in my offense, because my second-stage connection didn’t work well today, and I want to make sure Mega and Jia can hit it well.”


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