Spain faces severe soil desertification.

Soil desertification is a serious problem in Spain.

Intensive agricultural practices are blamed for this.

[Gabriel Del Barrio/Researcher: “Desertification is always caused by human activity. Climate can be an aggravating factor, but it does not cause desertification itself.”]

Despite its arid climate, ‘Almeria’ produces thousands of tons of vegetables a year.

However, growing crops depletes groundwater, which accelerates the desertification of the soil.

Hapless farmers in southern Spain have taken steps to preserve their soil.

They use manure instead of chemical fertilizers, 카지노사이트킴 avoid pesticides, and cover the soil with plants to conserve moisture…

[Juan Antonio Merlos/Almond farmer: “We can’t control the climate anymore, so we have to try to make the soil last as long as possible.”]

The United Nations has warned that 75% of Spain’s land area is under threat of desertification and reduced agricultural productivity.

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