Neuer’s stinging jab at the ‘dignity of assertiveness’

“If you get a bad grade, it’s not necessarily your fault.”

Bayern Munich captain Manuel Neuer (38) had some stinging words for his teammates.

Germany’s ‘Spiegel’ reported on May 25, “Coach Thomas Tuchel should leave Bayern this summer, and goalkeeper Neuer is clearly self-critical. ‘It’s not always your fault,’ he said of Tuchel,” the German newspaper reported.

Tuchel will part ways with Bayern Munich at the end of the season. On June 21, Bayern Munich announced: “The club and Tuchel have mutually agreed to terminate his contract, which was due to expire on June 30, 2025, on June 30, 2024. This conclusion was reached after amicable talks between sporting director Jupp Heynckes and Tuchel,” the club announced.

Tuchel took over at Bayern Munich in March of last year and led the club to an 11th consecutive Bundesliga title after dramatically winning the league in the final round last season. This season, Tuchel had high expectations after signing Harry Kane and Kim Min-Jae.

However, when the lid was lifted, it was a different story. Bayern Munich found themselves outclassed by Leverkusen, who were unbeaten in 33 games, making the title virtually impossible to win. Performances were shaky, and rumors of player discord abounded. There was even talk of a split in the locker room between the pro-Tuchel and anti-Tuchel factions.

In the end, Tuchel set a date to leave Bayern Munich after less than a year in charge. “I don’t think it’s just me, but I accept the responsibility,” he said, “I was unhappy with the way we were playing, and I was unhappy for a long time. Now a new situation has opened up. The situation has been resolved and communication has taken place, but it’s not just me.”

Captain Neuer was also bitter. He embraced Tuchel after the 2-1 win over Leipzig on Friday and demanded accountability from his teammates. “It reflects badly on all of us that we can’t continue with such a top coach,” he said.

Neuer added: “It’s not always your fault if the results are bad. When a good 바카라사이트 coach is fired, we are all to blame,” Neuer said, adding, “Everyone should feel guilty. That includes us, not just the coaching staff. We always have to look at ourselves,” he emphasized.

“We have different players on the team,” Neuer concluded. It’s not the same as before, when things were flowing a little bit, and recently, including this season, we haven’t been able to put on this jersey and take pride in beating our opponents. We need to get back to that,” Neuer said, adding, “I want to be professional until the end.”

Bayern Munich, meanwhile, is on the brink of irrelevance. In the league, they are eight points behind first-place Leverkusen, and in the DFB-Pokal Cup, they were knocked out early by third-tier Saarbrücken. In the UEFA Champions League (UCL), they were also at a disadvantage in the first leg of the round of 16 against Lazio, losing 0-1.

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