MVP Byun Ha-jung of Bundang Business School challenges the draft

The professional challenge is on.

Bundang Business High School won 81-75 against Onyang Girls’ High School in the girls’ final of the ‘2023 Korea Middle and High School Basketball Weekend League Wangjung Wangjeon’ at the Culture and Sports Center in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province on November 11. With the victory, Bundang Business High School won the triple crown this year (Spring Federation, Association Championship, and Wangjoongwang).

The tournament MVP was Byun Ha-jung, who had 29 points, 17 rebounds, and five assists in the final.

Byun said, “In the beginning of the tournament, I couldn’t focus on the game due to various reasons. With the help of my teammates, I was able to regain my focus. My teammates did a great job and I got the award. I am grateful to my teammates,” she said.

This year, Bundang Business School was evaluated as a strong high school girls’ team. They showed their strength by winning back-to-back tournaments in March and April.

“Comparing the beginning of this year to now, I think I’ve learned how to handle my nerves. I was very nervous at the beginning of the year, but now I’m not, and I’ve been working hard to improve my performance. I think I need to improve more because I’m still not good enough.”

Jeon Kwan-wang was the goal of Bundang Management High School, but the team lost to Sookmyung Women’s High School in the semifinals of the Federation Championships in May.

Byun laughed, “We were aiming for the national championship, but we got stuck in the middle,” he said. “We still have the national championships to go, and I want to finish my senior year by winning those as well,” she said.

In early September, before the national championships, Bundang Business School will travel to Taiwan as an invitational team.
“I heard it’s like the Jones Cup,” Byun said. It’s a 토토사이트 high school basketball tournament held in Taiwan, and many countries participate. I will go there with good health.”

“I’m going to try to get drafted. If I go pro, I will try to learn what the team wants quickly. I want to be a player who fills the needs of the team, such as rebounding and doing bad things, more than the record.”

Byun is famous for being the younger sister of Shinhan Bank’s Byun So-jeong. It will be interesting to see if he follows in his sister’s footsteps.

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