Lee Seung-woo’s goal keeps Suwon FC in the race for survival as they return to winning ways

Lee Seung-woo’s goals have begun to translate into points following his increased scoring frequency.

Suwon FC defeated Daejeon Hana Citizen 1-0 in the 29th round of the Hana One Q K League 2023 at Daejeon World Cup Stadium 카지노사이트 on Monday.

Lee Seung-woo scored the winning goal for Suwon FC. In the 32nd minute of the first half, Suwon FC attacked on a corner kick and the ball flew past the heads of Hugo Gomes and Kim Hyun to the right side of the goal. Lee Seung-woo rushed to the goal without losing his concentration and kicked the ball into the back of the net. Lee’s goal proved to be the game-winner as Suwon FC defended their lead until the end.

Lee Seung-woo has struggled this season. First and foremost, he had fewer offensive points than last season, when he had a great season. In 21 games through July, he had three goals and two assists. His shooting accuracy was particularly disappointing. Last year, he scored 14 points on 63 shots, but through July, he had only converted three of his 50 shots on goal.

Since August, he has rebounded. It started when he opened the scoring in the Suwon Derby in Round 25. It seemed to be affected when Suwon FC’s key striker Ras was suspended from the team for drunk driving, but after only one game off, he got back to his scoring streak. He has scored in three consecutive games and four goals in his last five matches, starting against Gangwon FC in Round 27.

The departure of Joo hasn’t led to more shots on goal for Lee. In fact, he’s taking fewer shots per game than he did in the previous 21 matches, but his accuracy has improved. In five games, he has scored four goals in 10 attempts.

And lately, Lee’s goals have been directly related to points. Until July, he had nothing to smile about when it came to attacking points. In the five matches in which Lee had three goals and two assists, Suwon FC had one draw and four losses. Since August, they have won three and lost one of their last four games.

Last season, Lee’s offense was also a big factor in Suwon’s success. Lee recorded an attacking point in 15 league games last year, and Suwon won eight. On the other hand, in the 23 games without Lee’s scoring contribution, the team only managed five wins. Their winning percentages were 53% and 22%, respectively.

For Suwon FC, it’s a big positive that Lee is not only finding the back of the net more often, but is also regaining his goal-scoring touch. In the race for K League 1 survival, 10th-ranked Suwon FC (29 points) is eight points behind 12th-ranked Gangwon FC (21 points), which could face direct relegation, and six points behind ninth-ranked Jeju United (35 points), which is out of relegation playoff danger. The door is wide open for a move up or down the table, as the final round of fixtures remains to be played against ranked opponents.

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