Lee Da-yeon, who has 8 wins in total, shared warm feelings with songpyeon at the ‘Daebo House D Open’ held on the occasion of the holiday.

 Lee Da-yeon (26, Mediheal), who won the KLPGA Tour last week, shared warm feelings with fellow players and officials by gifting songpyeon to celebrate the Chuseok holiday on the 29th.

KLPGT said on the 29th, “Lee Da-yeon, who achieved 8 wins in the ‘Hana Financial Group Championship’ with a dramatic victory after a close overtime match, gave Songpyeon and Songpyeon as a gift to the players and officials participating in the ‘Daebo House D Open’, which started on Chuseok. They expressed their gratitude by delivering glutinous rice cakes and glutinous rice cakes in the shape of dried persimmons. It is a unique culture of Korean golf that players who win a golf tournament express their gratitude by handing out return gifts at the next tournament. In particular, the KLPGA Tour is celebrating Chuseok for the first time in 30 years. As it is held on 1993, the Songpyeon gift adds significant meaning. In the 1993 season, the ‘1993 Superior Cup SBS Professional Golf Championship’ started on September 30th, Chuseok, and was held for four days.”

Lastly, KLPGT said, “As the organizer, Daebo Group, also prepared various attractions and events to feel the holiday atmosphere as this competition was held on Chuseok. At the official photo call held on the 28th (Thursday), players wore hanbok and performed with a holiday concept. 토토사이트랭크 “We did a photoshoot and it garnered a lot of attention. Also, Gallery Plaza has Tuho and Yutnori programs, so the whole family can feel the holiday atmosphere and experience traditional games together,” he said.

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