Korean Judo Challenges to Obtain Additional Olympic Quota

Korean Judo challenges to obtain additional Olympic quota at World Championships

The world championship gold vein has been cut off since 2018… Aiming to restore self-esteem.

The judo team will attempt to obtain an additional Olympic quota at the 2024 International Judo Federation (IJF) World Judo Championships, a prelude to this year’s Paris Olympics.

Korea will send a total of 11 players to this tournament

which will be held at the Mubadala Arena in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) from the 19th to the 24th.

The athletes will depart through Incheon International Airport on the 16th and begin the competition schedule, 카지노사이트

starting with the men’s 60kg, women’s 48kg, and women’s 52kg competitions held on the 19th.

The World Championships are the second most prestigious international competition after the Olympics and give the most Olympic ranking points.

If you win a gold medal, you can add 2,000 Olympic ranking points and win a ticket to Paris right away.

Currently, Korea is likely to win 11 of the 14 weight classes for men and women at the Paris Olympics,

and it is unclear about three weight classes, including men’s 73kg and 90kg, and women’s 70kg.

Men’s 73kg Lee Eun-gyeol (Sejong City Judo Association, 33rd in Olympic rankings)

and Men’s 100kg class Won Jong-hoon (Cheorwon County Office, 42nd) aim to get on the last train to the Olympics through this competition.

The Judo event at the Paris Olympics grants the right to participate to athletes ranked in the top 17 in the Olympic rankings for each weight class,

based on the sum of points from the past two years of international competitions.

Only one athlete from each country can participate in each weight class,

and even if the requirements for qualification for each continent are met, the quota is allocated to one athlete per country.

Korean Judo aims to regain its pride through this World Championships.

The national team has performed below expectations at world championships in recent years.

As of 2018, they have not won a single gold medal.

Last year, Lee Ha-rim (Korea Racing Association) in the men’s 60kg class and Lee Jun-hwan (Yongin University)

in the men’s 81kg class won bronze medals, and no one advanced to the finals.

Korea aims for its first world championship gold medal in six years through this competition.

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