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Betting on your favorite cricket match is fun and at the same time financially rewarding. With more than a billion people in India improving both on the Internet and mobile handset technologies, it is becoming easier for punters in India to bet. The subcontinent also saw what could be described as an invasion by bookmakers.

Established bookmakers, which once relied heavily on traffic in the UK and Sweden, are creating a veil over the lucrative Indian market. Having a choice is a good thing for gamblers, but it also opens up the possibility of joining a betting site that may not offer you the best experience.

Thankfully, sites such as Cricket Betting 먹튀검증 offer a thorough review section of each publisher entering India. The site focuses on a variety of aspects, from welcome offers to the types of games that can be bet on the bookmaker’s customer service department. From our point of view, it should be the starting point for your cricket betting trip.

While sites such as those mentioned above are a good starting point, it is also advisable to continue your own research as far as the bookmakers you will ultimately use for sports betting. This article lists several factors to consider when choosing a bookmaker.

Sports Betting

If you are looking for betting mainly on sports, you should ideally find a site specializing in sports betting. Have you ever heard of Jack of all things and whose king? Now, that’s exactly what happens in this case. In addition, it is important to reduce the number of sports you will bet on. Most sites currently operating in India will offer options to bet on cricket matches as well as other well-known sports such as soccer and hockey. If you feel like you want to touch other games such as teen patty, arbaha, or live casino, look for a famous site that offers casino games.


When talking about legality here, it mentions whether the gambling committee has formal permission and regulation. The easiest way is to scroll to the bottom of the site to find logos such as the Maltese Game Association (MGA), the British Gambling Commission (UKGC), and Curacao. These three are famous for creating a safe and secure environment for athletes. To obtain a license from these, the bookmaker must follow certain protocols. This is a factor that should be considered especially in countries like India, where there is confusion about the legality of online gambling.

Welcome bonus

With competition heating up in India, bookmakers will do their best to attract prospective players through unique welcome offers. They can join or deposit bonuses. The subscription bonus is simply to be rewarded for filling out the registration form. The most common form of subscription bonuses is to provide free spin or even free bets in certain slot games.

While this may seem suspicious at first, it is perfectly normal for bookmakers to deploy. Only the terms and conditions related to such bonuses need to be noted. Typically, there are requirements or betting requirements to access this bonus.

The deposit bonus remains the same as the name. The bookmaker offers you a match deposit in the form of a bet or casino bonus. Most publishers limit this to a 100% deposit bonus, and some publishers may offer higher amounts. As with the free bonus, you must read the terms and conditions before selecting them.

User Experience

Bookmakers will try to provide you with the least possible registration form. The process of actually creating an account will be simple because they are desperate for you to join their platform. The real test of bookmakers is what happens after the accession process. This means how easily a site can navigate and access the game it wants.

Also noteworthy is how well the site works on mobile. Most players are on their mobile devices when betting, so the site should be optimized to handle these requests. Lack of user experience on mobile or lack of mobile apps can be a good reason to consider other publishers.

Inplay / Live Betting

Nothing is more exciting than betting on a live game. Most bookmakers in India realize the importance of real-world betting and offer a chance to change depending on the game situation. Play betting is certainly a good thing, especially considering the short form of cricket such as the T20.

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