Russian poker, which has achieved an interesting turn in the draw of five cards, is a very popular game in the central and eastern European markets and will certainly appeal to a wide range of others.

Each hand is full of potential action to maximize victory against delegates by creating up to two hand combinations on six cards.

Like all launch products, it’s designed for a real priority mobile game. This means that the player can only play one hand.


Russian poker began in Russia in the 1990s and found its way to casinos throughout Europe.

Although it is not as popular as other options such as 3-card poker, Caribbean herd or Ultimate Texas Hold’em, you can still find hundreds of people who distribute it both online and live. 바카라사이트

At first the game may seem quite difficult, but once you get used to it, you will understand that Russian poker is quite simple, there is an event you can choose after receiving the first five cards.

All options offer a fixed price, so you need to make sure that there are enough chips in front of them to cover all scenarios, depending on what the card and dealer shows.

In this article you will need to learn not only about all the rules of Russian poker, but also about some basic strategies that will help you play the game well and not give you more advantages than at home.

Basic rules of Russian poker

Like all poker options against home, your only goal in Russian poker is to win the dealer.

After all, other players can play with you at the table, and you are only worried about how you touch the dealer’s holding.

Russian poker players use standard poker guides where high cards can use lower hands followed by Royal Flush. So nothing surprising will happen.

The hand starts with you placing the bet in the specified box. After that, delegates hand out FaceDown cards to the trainees and collect five cards themselves, revealing one of them.

So far the game is quite similar to Caribbean Stud Poker, a much more popular version of the bank. However, after receiving the initial set of cards, several options can be used, such as differences in the two games.

Folding – abandonment of hands and ants
Bet – if the hand is satisfied, it is possible to bet twice the size and wait for a duel.
Buy a card. If desired, you can pay an amount equal to the amount paid for the purchase of an additional card. If you receive additional cards, you can bet or fold them.
Gets a new card. If desired, you can reset up to five cards, and the dealer provides new cards. You will pay for this exchange, and when you receive a new card, you will have to decide when to follow it or make a bets.
As you can see, the rules of Russian poker are somewhat more complicated than other similar options.

The rules thus make the game a little more extensive. Due to the method of payment an additional fee is required.

Russian poker strategy

Russian Poker is one of the most interesting and exciting six-card poker games. The main features of the game are the ability to buy a sixth card and replace one or more desired cards in the starting combination, as well as the fact that the participant competes with the dealer without competing with other players.

As you know, Omaha Texas Hold’em has many strategies recommended by experts, but it’s getting a lot easier with regard to Russian poker. All you have to do is beat the dealer. This is the main task. There is no need to invent clever bluff plans and various tricks to get closer to winning over the pots. The main principle of Russian poker strategy is the decision to buy a sixth card, which in turn depends on the combination of your starting card.

The game is quite simple. The dealer and player receive five cards, one of which is open. The player has several options: get cards, make bets, buy a sixth card, make additional bets and change one or more cards. The match takes place after all the changes in which the player with the highest combination becomes the winner. To be sure about the game, it is recommended to read the strategic rules of Russian poker.

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