How did he do it? Trossard dodges a tackle like a soccer cartoon.

Trosar showed off his incredible skills

“Leandro Trosar showed an amazing skill during the match between Belgium and Azerbaijan,” Sports Bible reported on March 20 (KST).

Trosar is a left winger, a utility player who can play not only on the left, but also in the center, as a false nine and left wingback, and in emergency situations, on the right wing and left back.

Trosar’s dribbling with concise ball control and his powerful right-footed kick after cutting in is a threat. Rather than trying to break down opponents with fancy dribbling from the flanks, he tries to play simple dribbling that is not flashy, but with a short, soft first touch.

He made a name for himself in his first season at Brighton as a winger, scoring five goals and providing three assists in 31 games. His consistently good form led to a move to Arsenal in January 2023.

Upon arrival, he was a game-changer for Arsenal’s resurgence, racking up a ton of assists. He ended up finishing second in the Premier League in assists in the 2022/23 season with 8 goals and 12 assists. However, he is currently out of the starting lineup, coming on as a joker in the second half to change the tone of the game.

Belgium cruised to a 5-0 victory over Azerbaijan in the 10th round of their UEFA European Football Championship (Euro 2024) qualifying group F match at the Stade Louis Baudouin in Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday (July 20). With the win, the Belgian national team moved ahead of Austria to top the group.

Trosar stunned fans with an incredible skill during the game. After evading a tackle, he picked the ball up, hit the ball in the air, and then brought it back down in a stunning display of skill.

In a recent interview, Trosar spoke about his career at Arsenal and vowed to give Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta a selection headache.

He told HLN: “I’m very happy with my performance at Arsenal. We are doing well and I am happy to contribute to that. I don’t think I need to be better. I’m doing well and I can’t do anything more than make it as difficult as possible for the manager.”

He added: “Under Arteta I have improved the most in terms of how I see the game. For me, it doesn’t matter where the coach puts me. I’ve played almost everywhere in recent years. Wherever the coach puts me, I will play my game. I don’t have any particular preference,” he added.

Troisard is hoping to build on his performances during the international break to earn a starting spot when Arsenal return to the Premier League this weekend.


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