Busan World Table Tennis Championships held D-3

Busan World Table Tennis Championships held D-3, Inspection of Preparations

50,000 people, including 2,000 athletes from 40 countries, are expected to visit… Ticket sales rate 60%

Three days ahead of the Busan World Table Tennis Championships, the tournament organizing committee is working to prepare for a successful event, including inspecting the stadium. 바카라사이트

The Busan World Table Tennis Championships Organizing Committee announced on the 13th that it is checking stage preparation, accommodation, transportation, and safety measures ahead of the tournament, which will be held for 10 days from the 16th to the 25th.

This event is the largest single-distance sports event held in Busan.

It is expected that over 50,000 people, including 2,000 athletes and spectators from 40 countries, will come to Busan during the competition.

It is expected that up to 10,000 people will gather around the stadium each day.

At BEXCO Exhibition Hall 1, the venue of the event, construction of 5,000 seats has been completed and safety and risk-related inspections are being carried out.

Accommodation is provided for domestic and international athletes at three hotels within 10 minutes of the stadium.

From the 15th to the 29th of last month, Busan City also inspected hygiene and safety management at 189 restaurants near the accommodation.

The ticketing rate for the Busan World Table Tennis Championships is about 60% of the target.

Tickets for top matches, including the finals and semifinals, are almost sold out.

It is understood that more than half (58%) of the tickets purchased were made by foreigners, including Chinese.

Even during the drawing ceremony for the table tennis competition, 4 million people accessed China’s Weibo and TikTok channels at the same time, showing great interest among Chinese people, who are expected to hunt every month.

Korea will also field 10 elite national team members, including Hangzhou Asian Games gold medalists Shin Yu-bin and Jeon Ji-hee, as well as Jang Woo-jin, Lim Jong-hoon, and Lee Sang-soo, to challenge for a medal.

The World Table Tennis Championships holds individual competitions in odd-numbered years and team competitions in even-numbered years, but this year’s Busan Table Tennis Championships is a team competition.

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