Buchanan has no promise of returning to MLB

Buchanan, who left Samsung curiously, is in a rough spot

David Buchanan (35) of the Philadelphia Phillies is going through a series of challenges as he left Samsung in stable conditions, judging that it was the last time for him to return to the Major League. As a result, he failed to sign a guaranteed contract in the Major League, and suffered a slump in his first appearance in the Minor League since he failed to make the Major League roster due to a slump in exhibition games. His dream to return to the Major League seems to have no promise yet.

Buchanan, who opened his season as a member of Lehigh Valley, a Triple-A team under Philadelphia, started the game against Worcester (Boston Triple-A team) at Coca-Cola Park, his home stadium, on the 1st (Korea time), but he became a losing pitcher after being sluggish with six hits (one homer) and four walks, two strikeouts and five runs during four innings. Buchanan joined Lehigh Valley’s starting rotation and proved to be a resource for possible Major League vacancies in the future, but failed to show competitiveness in the first game. He left regret in his first official game in the U.S. since 2016.

Crisis from episode 1

There was a crisis starting in the first inning. Buchanan, who struck out leadoff Nick Sogard with a fly ball to center field and Nathan Hickey with a rookie strikeout, was in danger with two outs and allowed a walk to Mark Contreras after two outs. However, he managed to get out of the crisis by catching Jamie Westbrook with a grounder to second base.

He felt stable in the second inning. He allowed a walk to Nico Cabadas after one out, but ended the inning by catching Dalton Guthrie with a double play to the third baseman. However, the ordeal began in the third inning. He failed to control the risk of losing points at all, ruining the game.

Corey Rossier hit a double in the third inning when the score was tied 0-0, and the crisis over the scoring position started anew. Nick Sogard was caught with a fly ball to shortstop, and he gave a walk to Nathan Hickey, and the catcher was fastball to second and third base with one out. The sweeper, who threw to Ronnie González, led to a two-run triple to center field, allowing the first run of the day. He blocked additional run after sweating, but allowed four batters to get on base in the third inning alone.

He lost 2-6 and lost in the end.

The team’s batters recovered two runs in the third inning, but lost the game as they allowed three runs in the fourth inning. One out later, Dalton Guthrie allowed a double, and Nick Sogard hit a timely hit. Nathan Hickey hit a two-run shot over the middle of the fence, increasing the number of runs to five points. He threw a cutter, Buchanan’s specialty, but managed to kick it up. Buchanan threw 77 pitches through the fourth inning, and took the mound in the fifth inning. The team failed to recover Buchanan’s loss, losing 2-6, and ended up losing the game. Triple-A ERA started at 11.25 this year.

Buchanan threw sinkers, cutters, curves, changeups and sweepers on the day, and his maximum speed was 92.4 miles (148.7 kilometers). The fastball speed itself remained steady for more than 90 miles, but it was not enough to overcome the opposing hitters with power. In addition, some of the balls allowed long hits, and Worcester hitters well on Buchanan’s ball.

Buchanan eventually left Samsung.

Buchanan, who is familiar to KBO League fans after playing for Samsung for four years, ultimately left the club as negotiations over his contract did not go well this year. What 토토사이트 predicted was that Samsung did its best to stay in the club by putting up a multi-year contract card, but Buchanan, who dreams of returning to the Major League, had high expectations. However, Buchanan also struggled in the market without a Major League guarantee, and even though he signed a minor league contract with Philadelphia, he failed to prove his qualification to make the Major League roster at exhibition games.

Of course, a call-up for the Major League is not decided according to Triple-A’s performance. Buchanan, who already had his coaching staff’s experiments at exhibition games, is a strong candidate for a call-up if his team lacks the starting lineup or long relief resources. However, he needs to elevate his Triple-A performance. Buchanan is expected to play in Lehigh Valley’s starting rotation and wait for his Major League team’s call-up for a while.

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