Al Jassim, AFCON CEO, “Expect big name stars from Korea, people in Doha will buy tickets to see SON”

Jassim Al Jassim, CEO of the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup Organizing Committee, laughed at the prospect of a superstar 안전카지노사이트 South Korean national soccer team at the tournament, and expressed his affection for Son Heung-min, saying he expects a lot of people to buy tickets to see him.

On the afternoon of the 10th (Korean time), Al Jassim met with reporters from around Asia, including Best Eleven, at the Qatar Football Association (QFA) headquarters located at Al Bida Tower in Doha, and did not hide his excitement for the Qatar Asian Cup preparations and the Asian national soccer teams competing in the tournament. He was particularly interested in the Korean national soccer team.

“Many people, not just Qataris, have watched the growth of Korean soccer,” Al Jassim began, “and players like Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan are now international level players. So now the Korean national soccer team is not just a team that Korean soccer fans watch. I think everyone here in Doha would love to buy a ticket to see Son Heung-min play in Qatar.”

“I think every fan will support their favorite team or world-class players, so I think the ‘big names’ that Korea has will add a lot of value, especially for us as hosts,” he said, adding that he expects Korea’s superstars to contribute significantly to the success of the Asian Cup in Qatar.

When asked by Japanese reporters if he was aware of any specific Japanese players, Al Jassim said, “I like Mitoma because he plays fantastic. I like Mitoma because he plays fantastic,” he said, adding, “It’s hard to pinpoint a specific player, because it’s hard to pinpoint a specific player in Asian soccer right now. For example, a player like Son Heung-min, who is the captain of the Premier League, has been in great form since last year. This is a testament to the growth of Asian soccer.” He was referring to Son Heung-min, who was the top scorer in the English Premier League in the 2021-2022 season.

Al Jassim recalled that Son scored his A-match debut in Doha. Son scored his first international goal against India in the third round of the 2011 AFC Qatar Asian Cup Group D against India.

“It’s great to know the history,” Al Jassim said. “He played very well in that tournament. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a good game in the next tournament, against Qatar in the quarterfinals of the 2019 AFC UAE Asian Cup. I hope he has a very good tournament this time around,” he said, adding his support for Son’s last Asian Cup attempt.

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