‘2002 KS Memories’ Kim Eung-yong “I won”…Kim Sung-geun “Most regrettable KS”

The LG Twins will play in the Korean Series (KS) for the first time in 21 years since 2002.

Kim Eung-yong (82), former president of the Korea Baseball Softball Association, who led the Samsung Lions to the 2002 KS, and Kim Sung-geun (80), former manager of the Hanwha Eagles, who tried to win the championship as LG manager, visited Jamsil Baseball Stadium, the venue for Game 5 of the 2023 KS, with ‘memories of 21 years ago’.

Former chairman Kim Eung-yong and former manager Kim Sung-geun, along with former Korea National Baseball Team manager Kim In-sung (76), took the mound and threw the ceremonial first pitch to start the KS Game 5 between LG and kt wiz.

Kim won 1,554 wins in 2,910 regular-season games as he led the Hattae Tigers to a total of 10 KS championships from 1983 through his time with the Samsung Lions.

Kim Sung-geun managed 2,651 games, winning 1,388 games and winning three combined titles (regular season and Korean Series).

Kim In-sung won 978 games in 2,562 contests and led the Korean national team to the 2006, 2009, and 2017 World Baseball Classic (WBC) and the 2015 Premier12.

Kim’s ball was presented to Hongik University coach Jang Chae-geun, a catcher during the Hae-tae dynasty; Kim’s ball to LG coach Park Kyung-wan, 온라인카지노 with whom he built the SK dynasty; and Kim In-sung’s ball to Hong Seong-hoon, who shared memories of his time with the Bears.

Baseball fans were filled with nostalgia as they listened to the words of the three who together wrote an important page in Korean baseball history.

“It’s great to come to the ballpark. It’s even more meaningful that we competed in the same era and joined hands at KS,” they said.

They had nothing but praise for each other’s pitching.

Kim Sung-geun said, “I was asked to pitch, and I threw a few balls with my family. I trained to throw from a longer distance, but today’s pitch was short,” he laughed. In fact, Kim threw the fastest ball of the day.

“Chairman Kim Eung-yong and Coach Kim In-sung were the most experienced pitchers,” he chuckled.

Former Chairman Kim Eung-yong laughed heartily and said, “The ball was so good that I could play as a pitcher right now,” and then added, “It seems that Kim Sung-geun and Kim In-sung have practiced a bit.”

Watching KS play LG, former chairman Kim Eung-yong and former coach Kim Sung-geun reminisced about the past.

Kim’s shoulders rise a little higher when he remembers the past.

In the 2002 KS, Kim Yong-yong’s Samsung won the championship with four games to two over Kim Sung-geun’s LG.

After the hard-fought match, Kim Eung-yong, then the Samsung coach, said, “It’s like fighting with Yashin,” in honor of Kim Sung-geun, the LG coach.

However, memories belong to the winners.

“In the end, I won,” Kim fondly recalled the 21-year memory. Former coach Kim Sung-geun recalled 21 years ago with a regretful expression, saying, “I lost the most, KS.” 바카라사이트

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